Honestly speaking, there really is no way to define a great Kitchen Design in Melbourne, as it will all depend on the person looking at the room before them. Two people can be looking at the exact same kitchen. One could absolutely love the design and wish to do something similar in his own home, while the other can completely hate it.

No matter what style, pattern or kind you like, there are 5 factors that make a great Kitchen Design in Melbourne:

  • Size – This is a feature that should be considered when putting together your kitchen design, as it will ultimately dictate what your kitchen looks like. Some designs will only complement larger rooms and others that will only match with smaller rooms. Make sure that you select a layout the meets the size of the space accordingly.


  • Workflow – This is the most significant feature when it comes to making a great kitchen design, as an effective workflow will make sure that you spend as little time as possible in preparing meals for your family. An efficient workflow will make sure that all appliances and ingredients are within easy reach of you and that the work triangle is maintained.


  • Layout – Another feature that must be taken into account to ensure a great Kitchen Design in Melbourne, the layout is all about how the cabinets and counters are set out. L-shaped is one of the most well-liked designs because it allows optimum efficiency, but galley, G-shaped & U-shaped designs could also work.


  • Lights – This is another feature that is usually forgotten about in the pursuit for a great kitchen design. You must bear in mind that suitable lighting will make sure that you are able to safely prepare food and navigate the space at all hours of the day & night. You can also make use of a statement light fixture to really inject your personality into your room.


  • Flooring – This is a feature that many of the homeowners forget about when trying to create a great Kitchen Design in Melbourne, simply because anything that falls below your feet is out of sight and out of mind. Hardwood and tile floors tend to be the most accepted option for kitchens, as they are hard-wearing and easy to clean.

By taking into proper account each of the above mentioned 5 factors when putting together your brand new kitchen design, you can ensure that space is as great as possible and meets your needs and expectations entirely.

Is practical and functional Kitchen Design in Melbourne absolutely necessary? Of course, it is, and not only that, it is absolutely essential! It is a well-known fact that the kitchen is probably the most used space in many households and for this reason it not only has to be equipped well for everyone who makes use of it, but it also needs to make a style statement about your lifestyle and your home itself.

The question is how to obtain an aesthetically pleasing, yet practical kitchen? An excellent starting point will be to take the advice of an expert Designer like the Picasso Kitchen, who will be able to work with you to achieve the look you want, adding its design experience to come up with exactly what you desire and need.

These days in the city of Melbourne, let us face it, the options are quite overwhelming and when you are investing in this way you need to feel confident that your hard-earned money will be well spent and the finished result will be favourable. So, how do you go about choosing which designer you want? The most expensive are not necessarily the best and, likewise, the cheapest might not save you money in the long run. Have a good chat with the designer and if you think he or she fully understands your needs and will be able to come up with the kitchen of your dreams, then go ahead and start planning. Picasso Kitchen will be a good option for creating your great Kitchen Design in Melbourne.

Your available budget plays a major part as well. If you are thinking of having a Hollywood-style kitchen, may be one you have spotted in a glossy magazine or on the television you will have to have the funds to pay for such luxury. This is where a really good designer can come in very useful and can often get the look you require without necessarily paying the earth for it.

Be sure you know what you require in your great Small Kitchen Design in Melbourne. Make a list of what you want to have, then the second list of extras you will like to have. This way you can afford a few of the items on the second list if the spending is going according to your budget plan.

Look into the expense of the kitchen designer as a long term investment. If the room is regularly used and looks great too, the cost of the designer will be money well spent. Ask around your relatives, friends, and colleagues. May be they have used a designer and can recommend one to you, but make sure you have seen the work the designer did for them before making a decision. What suits your friend’s needs and tastes will not necessarily match yours.

Kitchen Design in Melbourne compares well with other countries all over the globe so go ahead, and make your kitchen one you are happy with and proud of.